Cardiovascular system

Resveratrol takes care of the heart and blood vessels

Cardiovascular diseases are currently the primary cause of death in the Western world. One in three people in the industrialized countries dies of a heart attack. In many cases, these diseases occur because the heart is not taken care of, properly nourished, or given the best possible treatment.

The factors that increase the risk of suffering a heart attack are well known: stress, smoking, obesity, insufficient exercise, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Some of these factors are more or less preventable. However, most people only change their lifestyle when their heart is already showing signs of disease.

cardivascular system support with Juvitalis

The most significant problem for the heart and blood vessels is the presence of too much “bad” cholesterol in the blood. This is deposited on the interior walls of the blood vessels, making them increasingly rigid and narrowing the space through which the blood can flow.

Experts refer to this as arteriosclerosis, i.e. hardening of the arteries. As a result, less blood is able to flow through the blood vessels per unit of time, meaning that the heart has to work harder to supply all the cells in the body with oxygen and essential nutrients.

We become short of breath, get tired quickly, have hardly any stamina, and feel constantly exhausted. In extreme cases, the blood vessels may become completely blocked. If this happens in the head, the result is a stroke. If it happens in the blood vessels that supply the heart, it causes a heart attack. Both can be survived, albeit often with lasting damage; however, many victims die immediately.

What can we do to stop matters progressing this far? A healthy, nutritious diet is important for every single one of us; in fact, it is essential for our survival in the long term.

Resveratrol prevents free radicals from transforming “good” cholesterol into “bad” cholesterol that harms the blood vessels. Resveratrol strengthens the blood vessels, which means it can help prevent and treat varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and leg ulcers.


Resveratrol fights varicose veins

Varicose veins are another sign of a defective vascular system. They occur when the walls of the veins “sag” and allow larger quantities of blood to accumulate. This is also the cause of hemorrhoids and leg ulcers. Resveratrol is an ideal adjuvant treatment for these disorders, as it helps strengthen the vascular walls.