Juvitalis Resveratrol Complex against lymph congestion

Lymph congestion

Lymph congestion refers to collections of excess fluid in the bodily tissue. Lymph vessels, like blood vessels, are found everywhere in the human body; however, rather than transporting blood, their task is to transport tissue fluids and proteins that are too large to pass through blood vessels.

The lymph vessels transport cell remnants, pathogenic organisms, and metabolic waste to the lymph nodes for disposal. Lymph congestion is caused by damage or the surgical removal of lymph nodes, defective lymph vessels, protein aggregations in the tissue, kidney, heart, and vein disease, and hormonal changes.

Along with lymph drainage (a form of massage) and the use of compression bandages or stockings, a regular intake of antioxidants can be a great help to people with lymph congestion.

Free radicals form more rapidly in areas where surplus fluid accumulates in the tissue, thus aggravating the problem. Juvitalis is a powerful antioxidant that can effectively neutralize these aggressive molecules.