Resveratrol – a weapon in the fight against cancer

Resveratrol can help protect the body from cancer in several different ways. It can hinder the development and progression of cancer by inhibiting the formation of a protein that is essential to the survival of cancer cells. Experiments have proven the anti-carcinogenic effect of resveratrol, especially in cases of breast cancer.

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As the molecular structure of resveratrol is similar to that of estrogen (female hormone), it is assumed that the effect is also similar. Resveratrol acts like a phytoestrogen and can therefore inhibit the development of cancer cells. It can also help protect the body from bowel cancer, leukemia, skin cancer, lung cancer, and prostate cancer.

Its enormous anti-inflammatory potential (COX-2 inhibitor), which helps protect the body from oxidation and pathological cell changes, makes resveratrol one of the most promising cancer prevention aids.

Prof. John M. Pezzuto from the University of Illinois in Chicago, who since 1991 has been investigating the anti-carcinogenic effects of no less than 2,500 natural substances in the world’s largest research program of its kind, says: “The current cancer chemopreventive profile of resveratrol provides promise for widespread use in the future.”

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As part of a screening program conducted by the National Cancer Institute (Maryland, USA), several thousand plants were investigated to find out whether they contain anti-carcinogenic (cancer-inhibiting) properties. Resveratrol was found in 72 plant species, but was most concentrated in the skin of purple grapes.

Resveratrol helps kill cancer cells by inhibiting the production of a protein that is essential for their survival. Most of these studies were carried out in vitro or in vivo. However, there is currently a shortage of clinical studies, which is why possible interactions with chemotherapy should invariably be taken into account.

In 1997, ‘Science’ magazine, one of the world’s most renowned scientific journals, published an article on a substance that had been proven to intervene in all three stages of carcinogenesis. This substance was resveratrol.

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